Ikebana vases for flower arrangement by Janet Jacobs Pottery.

Testimonials For Janet Jacobs Hand Thrown Ceramic Pottery

"I just love the perfectly sculpted roundness of the bowl complemented by the deep richness of the color. A perfect addition to our Arts and Crafts decor although it would be beautiful in any setting."
Margo H.

Horse hair Pottery

"I was attracted to the horsehair pot because of its shape and also the beautiful free form design created by the randomness of the horsehair."
Ann O.

"One of the most thoughtful and touching gifts I have received were two clay pots made with a process using a horses mane hair. Whenever I look at my pots I always smile thinking lovingly of my horse. The miracle of this process astounds me."
Holly H.

"I love my horsehair clay pot that Janet Jacobs created. I bought it most for its lovely organic earthy appearance, although when I learned that the markings were made with horsehair, it was even more meaningful.
April S.

I've always loved horses and we used to spend our vacations at a dude ranch. It has a special place in the art hallway of our home with our other precious art pieces."
Marilyn S.




Horsehair pottery

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