Ikebana vases for flower arrangement by Janet Jacobs Pottery.

Ikebana Vases & Flower Arrangement Tips

Ikebana means “living flower”, or “bringing flowers to life”. It also was known as Kado, “the way of flowers”. It is an artistic form of flower arranging with a unique style that is different from the floral art of Western Countries.

Ikebana originated in sixth century Japan. It was part of a ritual offering in Buddhist Temples. In those floral arrangements, flowers and branches arranged in small Ikebana vases were made to point toward heaven as a sign of faith.

Ikebana is a simple technique that focuses on balance, line and arrangement. It creates harmony between lines and color and stresses simplicity and asymmetry to reflect nature.

The structure of Ikebana flower arrangement stresses three elements: heaven, man and earth. Heaven is the primary stem and it is the central line of the arrangement. Man is the second stem and is two thirds the height of the primary stem. It is placed to the side of the primary stem. Earth is the shortest stem and it is placed on the opposite side of the man stem or in front of the primary stem. When properly placed these three flower stems appear as if they are growing from a single source. Using an odd number of flowers in your Ikebana flower arrangement arrangement creates balance and a natural flow.

An Ikebana arrangement incorporates not just the flowers but also the stems, leaves and branches. A simple but beautiful grouping can consist of a single flower framed by two leaves in a small Ikebana vase. The vase positions the grouping and its color and the shape enhances the beauty of the arrangement.  Janet offers 4 styles of Ikebana flower vases in ten different colors.  These beautiful, handmade vases are inexpensive and make great gift ideas for any occasion. Janet's hand made Ikebana vases are sold as wholesale gift shop items.

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